Music Education at Our School

We are very proud of the music teaching and learning that takes place in our school and the standard of attainment our pupils achieve in this subject.

Our music curriculum is led by Mrs Z Griffiths - a specialist music teacher - who is employed directly by the school and teaches four afternoons a week in Key Stage 2. Our EYFS and Key Stage 1 pupils are taught music by Mrs S Mason.

The hard work of Mrs Griffiths and the quality of our music curriculum has been recognised by the Staffordshire and Stoke on Trent Music Education Hub which has awarded the school an Excellence in Music Provision Award - Silver for 2016 / 17.

We are very proud of this achievement as it shows how much we value music as part of the curriculum within our school and how we work hard to develop the skills of our pupils in this subject.

Young Voices - Monday 30th January 2017

'Awesome!' 'Amazing!' 'Energetic!' ‘Loud!'

'One of the best experiences of my life!'

Just some of the words and phrases used by members of our school choir to describe taking part in the Young Voices concert at Genting Arena on the night of Monday 30th January along with 6,000 thousand other children and professional musicians and singers.

It was a long day, and a late night, but most pupils made it into school the following day tired but still full of excitement about the experience.

Many thanks to Mrs Griffiths, Mrs Parsons, Mrs Bird and Mrs Haden for accompanying the children to the concert and supervising throughout the concert and on the return to school.

Special thanks to Mrs Griffiths for organising our participation in the event.