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Weekly Update - 12.05.17

12 May 2017 (by admin)

An update on the learning that took place last week (wk beginning 08.05.17) and a look forward to next week's learning (wk beginning 15.05.17).

This week has been a week in which all pupils across the school have risen to the learning challenges set for them.

Our Year 6 pupils sat their end of Key Stage 2 tests. These tests were challenging but our pupils used their learning and the strategies they had been taught to tackle these tests. We are very proud of the way our Year 6 pupils showed great effort and determination in order to do their very best in these tests.

In other classes there has been a wide range of learning completed. For example - Year 3 have been enjoying their learning as part of their ‘Flow’ learning project this week developing their map skills and learning about major rivers around the world. They have also been completing some challenging mathematics work on fractions this week.

The assembly theme last week was Dealing with Pressure. The theme of next week's assemblies (wk. beginning 08.05.17) is: Speak Out – Stay Safe. Staff from the NSPCC will be in school on Wednesday to deliver assemblies to pupils in KS1 and KS2 on this theme.

Last week's Word of the Week was 'inaudible'. Next week's Work of the Week' (wk. beginning 15.05.17) is 'incomplete’.

This week's Number of the Week was 30. Next week it is 27,000.

Well done to 5P (our current attendance champions) who won our attendance award this week achieving 99.5% for the week ending 05.05.17.

Mars were our weekly house points winners this week are now in first place at this early part of the term closely followed by Jupiter and Venus.