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Safeguarding Children at Our School

13 June 2017 (by admin)

A reminder about the safeguarding procedures at our school and where to find out more about this most important priority of the school's day to day work.

Safeguarding children (child protection) is our main priority in school. It is the ‘golden thread’ that runs through all our work in school and allows us to maintain a culture of safety.

The designated safeguarding lead in our school is Mr Kelly. The deputy designated safeguarding lead is Mrs Parsons. We also have a named link governor for safeguarding - Mrs Sue Bramwell - who meets with the designated safeguarding lead a minimum of once every term to be updated on safeguarding issues, monitor practice and ensure that the school continues to give the highest priority to this area of its work

We work hard at our school to develop our children’s understanding of how to keep themselves safe when using the internet, when crossing roads, from bullying, and from strangers as well as in other situations such as on the beach or when playing inside or outside.

Over the course of this academic year we have involved a number of outside agencies to help support our safeguarding work in school including the NSPCC, Tamworth Community Wardens and our local PCSO (who has run the Junior Cadets scheme with Year 6 pupils.)

For further information about safeguarding procedures in our school please see the Safeguarding page of our web site under the Parents tab.

Parents / carers are reminded that if they are concerned about a child’s safety they can contact the Staffordshire County Council First Response service at FirstR@staffordshire.gov.uk or on 0800 1313 126 .