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Our New Year Resolutions

3 January 2018 (by admin)

At this start of this new year and new term we have discussed with pupils the importance of making a fresh start to their learning and devised a set of new year resolutions.

Happy New Year!

At our first assemblies of 2018 it was explained to pupils that a resolution is a promise and that New Year resolutions are promises people make to themselves to do something to try and improve their own lives or improve the lives of others.

Pupils were asked to look at a list of resolutions for 2018 and resolve:

To learn set times tables.
To try hard to Improve my handwriting and presentation.
To read more at home and at school.
To walk not run around the school site.
To be polite to other children and adults.
To show outstanding behaviour in the classroom and on the playground.
To read EBI (Even Better If) marking comments and act upon them

By having these set of resolutions for the new year and new term we believe we cam make our good school even better!