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Attendance Issues

24 May 2018 (by admin)

An important reminder regarding unauthorised absence from school.

Our school has in the past had generally good attendance levels, thanks to the support of the majority of our parents / carers who always send children to school unless there is an unavoidable reason for absence. Unfortunately our attendance level is currently being badly affected by a high level of unauthorised absence as a result of some parents / carers taking holidays in term time. The changes made by Staffordshire County Council to their previous guidance to schools that came into effect on 1st January 2018, make it very clear that any absence for holidays during term time is unacceptable and will be recorded as unauthorised, and that any period of unauthorised absence (holiday) could result in a Penalty Notice fine being issued. All schools are under pressure to reduce the number of unauthorised absences and are being encouraged to use the full range of options open to them to improve attendance - including asking the local authority to consider issuing penalty notices / fines. We would therefore remind all parents / carers that holidays should not be taken during term time and that any unauthorised absence, for whatever reason, could result in a fine being issued