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Science Week - Fantastic Flight

7 June 2018 (by admin)

An update from our Science Subject Leader Mrs Fisher about the amazing week of science learning we have had at our school this week.

Tomorrow (Friday 8th June) sees the end of our Fantastic Flight whole school Science Week - and what a week it has been! 

It has been lovely to see all of our pupils engaged and motivated in a range of activities. There have been so many different questions raised such as:

Which shape makes the best parachute?

Does the length of a feather affect how long it takes to fall

Which design makes a paper airplane that travels the furthest?

Does the shape of a kite affect how long it stays in the air?

The pupils have learnt about the importance of carrying out a fair test, collecting several sets of results and how answering one question can lead to another question being raised.

A highlight of the week was the visit from Professor Nitrate who enthralled, entertained and reinforced key aspects of science.  His enthusiasm and energy guaranteed all of the pupils were totally engaged in his powerful performance.  Our thanks, once again, go to FOMS (Friends of Millfield School) for funding this brilliant event.

A massive thank you to all parents / carers  for your support with the home learning tasks associated with Science Week; the range of amazing kites that the children have created and flown at home have been very impressive.  All of the pupils who have sent in entries have been rewarded with a certificate and sweet treat!  Your support really is appreciated.

The upcoming Open Evening in July will allow you the opportunity to see just a small sample of the fantastic science work on display.

Mrs Fisher - Science Subject Leader