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Punctuality and Attendance Concerns

27 November 2018 (by admin)

A reminder of the importance of pupils attending school on time and every day as well as the actions the school will take to address punctuality and attendance concerns.

We are very grateful for the support of the majority of our parents and carers for ensuring that pupils arrive on time every day for school ready to learn.

Unfortunately however our overall attendance figure since September has been significantly below our target figure and we are having to address this in various ways, including applying for penalty fines to be administered by the local authority to the parents / carers of children with high levels of unauthorised absence - including where pupils have been taken out of school for any holidays in term time.

We would remind all parents that holiday should not be taken during term time and that any unauthorised absence, for whatever reason, could result in a fine being issued. The school will take strong and robust action to address punctuality and attendance concerns as described in our attendance policy (available on school web site).