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School Funding Issues

8 March 2019 (by admin)

Parents / carers may have read in the national media this morning about head teachers' concerns regarding worsening budget shortages affecting schools.

Our school has always managed its budget allocation extremely carefully in order to get the best value for money and to ensure that pupils are well supported and get the best possible educational provision.

We have also always sought to maintain the highest possible staffing levels so that all pupils, but especially those with specific special needs, receive the support they are entitled to. Over recent years this has proved challenging however next year is set to be our most challenging yet.

These issues are not simply affecting a few schools. They are common features across our education system up and down the country.

Available in our entrance hall and through our web site under Letters and Forms is a letter being sent out by head teachers across the country today detailing these concerns and the actions that schools and head teachers are taking to campaign for a change in school funding arrangements.