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News Stories

  • Weekly Update - 16.06.17
    A look back at the learning that took place last week (wk beginning 12.06.17) and a look forward to the learning and events taking place in school next week (wk. beginning 19.06.17).
  • Staying Safe In The Sun
    With very warm temperatures and strong sunshine predicted next week a brief reminder about keeping children safe and comfortable in these conditions.
  • Healthy Eating
    Thank you to parents / carers for supporting healthy eating at our school.
  • Safeguarding Children at Our School
    A reminder about the safeguarding procedures at our school and where to find out more about this most important priority of the school's day to day work.
  • Weekly Update - 09.06.17
    News about learning and activities taking place in school next week (wk beginning 12.06.17) as well as a look back at the learning that took place in school last week.
  • Playground Improvements
    We have secured funding to improve part of our school playground and develop a 'Social Zone' for pupils.
  • Thank You To Our Governors
    Members of our Governing Board have been in school this week to look at learning in action.
  • What did you do at school today?
    Suggestions for parents / carers at the start of the half term as to how they can find out more about their child's learning at school, in order to support them at home.
  • Reading Challenge
    Find out details of our new reading challenge - Can you read to the height of Mr Kelly?