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Wearing of face coverings on school site

2 November 2020 (by admin)

As of Tuesday 3rd November can we please ask all adults visiting the school site to wear a face covering.

With the further restrictions announced by the government on 31st October the school is now asking all parents / carers visiting the school site to wear a face covering from Tuesday 3rd November onwards when pupils return to school.

Whilst there has been no change to the government guidance regarding face coverings in primary schools or wearing face coverings when outside, it is clear from these new restrictions, and from the letter the school received from Staffordshire County Council on Thursday evening, that more has to be done to restrict the current spread of Covid-19.

This wearing of face coverings will not be enforced by school staff; however, if you are able to wear a face mask / visor / covering, please do so.

This will help hopefully minimise the transmission between the adults in and around the school site.

There will be some parents / carers who are unable to wear a face covering for medical reasons – we would ask all parents / carers to be aware of this and not question anyone who is not wearing a face covering on the school site. It is important that we are all aware of each other’s different circumstances and are supportive of each other at this difficult time.

The school appreciates that legally parents / carers are not required to wear a face covering outside, but hopefully if we do, then the school has a better chance of staying fully open in order to ensure pupils continue to receive the best possible education.