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Update on building work currently taking place in school

13 September 2021 (by admin)

News of how the installation of new classroom building is progressing as well as news of our new school library.

Our new classroom building is now in place - last week the suspended ceiling was fitted and today the rooms were connected up to the mains electricity.

This week we are anticipating lots of contractors on site to begin fitting out the inside of the rooms as well as to start building the ramp and steps up to the classrooms.

It has been difficult coping with limited space on the playground and we have had to make changes to our lunchtime arrangements to deal with this including asking Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 pupils who have sandwiches for lunch to have these in their classroom. This has worked well and we anticipate that this arrangement will continue into the future.

All pupils have now returned to having one hour for lunch (rather than the 45 minutes lunch break that was in place over the last 18 months).

Pupils who have school dinners have also now returned to eating these together in the hall.

Whilst this work is being completed we have had to move one Year 3 class (3H) into the ICT Room whilst the other Year 3 classroom (3I) are being taught in a Year 2 classroom, with our two Year 2 classes combined into the other Year 2 classroom.

As soon as the new classrooms are complete Year 3 will move into them - Year 2 will move back into two classrooms and we will have our ICT Room back as a learning space.

Our new library will be fitted out next Monday.  

Once this is completed we will have a state of the art library in school packed full of the latest books by a wide range of authors.

This new resource will help us to further support and develop our aim of every pupil at this school to being a confident, fluent reader who not only reads to learn but also has a love of reading and reads for pleasure.

Finally a big thank you to Mr Rigby (Site Technician) and Mrs Wright (Janitor) who have managed all the building contractors who have been in school completing work over the six weeks holidays and into the new term.