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Half Term Break / Peel Road Runners in School

19 May 2023 (by admin)

School closes to pupils for the half term break on Thursday 25th May when we will have the Peel Road Runners in school.

School will close to pupils for the half term break next week on Thursday 25th May. 

Friday 26th May is a training day with staff using the day to update pupil assessment details ready for writing pupil end of year reports. Our lunchtime supervisors will be in school to complete first aid training whilst Mr Lewis our site manager will be working to put up our new playground signage.

On Thursday 25th May we would like all pupils to come into school in their PE kits ready to run! 

Members of the Peel Road Runners running club will be in school on this date to lead coaching sessions with our KS2 pupils on the field.

All pupils will also have an opportunity to run for fun on our school field and take part in other PE / Games activities during the day.

The Peel Road Runners will also be encouraging all pupils (and their parents / carers) to enter their Gate Gallop event on Sunday 25th June to raise money for St Giles Hospice.

Last year we had a large number of pupils take part in the fun run event at the Gate Gallop - lets have just as many - if not more - take part this year. More details to follow soon.

In terms of PE kit we want all pupils to participate in PE and to do this they do need to wear appropriate kit so that it is safe for them to do so.

Some of our older pupils in particular are pushing the boundaries regarding PE kit - wearing clothing that is not suitable for the activities they are completing. We would be grateful for your support with this.  

Please note pupils should not wear football shirts to school for PE lessons. This is not part of our specified kit which is shown below.

PE kit consists of:

  • Coloured house t shirt (details to be given once child starts school) black shorts / joggers and appropriate sports shoes / trainers.

We would also remind parents / carers that jewellery  should not be worn to school and that false nails are also not appropriate for health and safety reasons.