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Consultation regarding joining a Multi Academy Trust

7 September 2023 (by admin)

An update regarding Millfield Primary School moving forward and joining a Multi Academy Trust.

At the end of last term we informed parents / carers that the Millfield Primary School Governing Board and the school’s Senior Leadership Team have been exploring the possibility of converting to academy status, looking carefully into the benefits and potential drawbacks, as well as discovering more about the range of Multi-Academy Trusts (MATs) available for us to join.  

The education landscape has change as evidenced by the many schools in Tamworth, in Staffordshire and across the country as a whole, that have already converted to academy status.

As a successful good school the governors have in the past year met with representatives from local multi academy trusts in order to discuss what these trusts can offer our school to help it further improve the education we offer your children / our pupils.

The governors have been very keen to ensure that potential MAT partners allow Millfield to continue to maintain its ethos and keep doing the things that work at our school.

In the coming few weeks we will be consulting with parents / carers regarding this process and providing you with more information regarding our potential Multi-Academy Trust partner and how you can ask questions and give your views regarding Millfield joining a multi academy trust.

There is some useful information for parents / academies regarding the conversion process on this Department for Education – The Education Hub bog post: