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Extreme Reading / STEM challenge

14 November 2023 (by admin)

Thank you for your support with our half term learning challenges

Thank you for all your photographs for our Extreme Reading challenges and your boat designs and constructions for our STEM challenge.

Miss Ingram and Mrs Fisher have been absolutely blown away by the quality of the many entries they have received. 

All children will receive a certificate and small prize during this Friday's Star of the Week assembly.

Well done to all those who entered and thank you to parents / carers for your support. We clearly have many future scientists and engineers at our school.

We have also had some amazing Extreme Reading photographs sent into school, with pictures of children reading whilst on horseback, on tops of cars, in trees, sitting on digging machines, riding in cable cars and whilst relaxing in hot tubs, baths and swimming pools!

Photographs of children reading on holiday were also sent in with pictures of children reading in Spain, Dubai and New York.

All of the photos have been printed out and added to our display in the entrance hall. They have also been added to a Powerpoint presentation that we will share with the children.

Reading is the most important skill that we must teach our pupils to ensure that they become fluent readers as quickly as possible. We want every pupil at this school to be a confident, fluent reader who not only reads to learn but also reads for pleasure. Fluent readers will learn more, because they can read and gain knowledge for themselves.

Your support with activities such as the Extreme Reading challenge help us to achieve these aims. Thank you.