School Improvement Plan


The aim of our school improvement plan is to set out a cycle of actions that reflects a commitment to continuous self-review and improvement.

It outlines the improvement or development opportunities that the stakeholders in the school have identified as being the main priorities to be addressed in order to raise standards.  It identifies the actions, resources, responsibilities, measurable milestones, targets and success criteria associated with each opportunity and prioritise them to make best use of available funding or resources.

Millfield Primary School – School Improvement Plan - Sept 2018 to July 2019

Areas For Improvement / Key Aims

Key aim – Teaching, Learning and Assessment

  • To further improve the quality of teaching by ensuring that best practice in assessment for learning (AfL), particularly in mathematics is embedded across the school.

 Key aim – Leadership and Management

  • To audit teaching and learning for disadvantaged pupils and ensure that teachers have high expectations of what they can achieve and that they are striving for more disadvantaged pupils to expected standard / greater depth in order to close the gap in attainment.

 Key aims – Outcomes for pupils

  • To provide specific and targeted intervention through pupil premium so that more disadvantaged pupils currently at expected levels have the opportunity to achieve greater depth.
  • To increase the proportion of pupils achieving greater depth in reading across the school by improving provision for targeted groups.

 Key aim – Personal Development, Behaviour and Welfare

  • To further develop the school’s mental health and well-being provision in order to help children to understand their emotions and feelings better and develop emotional resilience and to manage setbacks

Progress towards and against improvement plan targets will be reported to the Governing Body every term through the Head Teacher’s Report.


School Improvement - Parental Questionnaires February 2017

Every two years the school asks all parents / carers to share their views on all aspects of the the school from teaching and learning through to leadership and management. This is a vital part of the school improvement process and helps us to focus on the areas that are of concern to parents / carers.

Our school has worked hard over the past two years since questionnaires were last distributed in February 2015 to improve teaching, inform parents about pupil progress as well as help parents to support children’s learning. We have also tried to address parental concerns raised in the last questionnaires by improving our management and provision of children with special educational needs and disability, improving the school web site and ensuring that we take account of any parental suggestions and concerns.

To view the results of the February 2017 questionnaires along with a comparison of the results of the 2015 questionnaire with the 2017 questionnaire please click here.