Year 3 - Mr Atkins and Mrs Free

Spring 1st half term - 2017

Cornerstones Imaginative Learning Project - Mighty Metals

This half term Year 3 pupils will explore the scientific worlds of forces and magnetism, metals and materials.

They will investigate forces at work, find out which metals are attracted to magnets and explore why magnets attract and repel.

They will also read the the story of 'The Iron Man'  about a strange iron giant who mysteriously appears one night and begins devouring all of the metal around him.

Autumn 2nd half term - 2016

Cornerstones Imaginative Learning Project - Tribal Tales

Year 3 pupils are heading back to prehistoric times this half term to gather berries and hunt down dinner. They will learn about ancient objects and mystical monuments that reveal the secrets of an ancient time. 

This half term they will learn all about how the people of Britain developed over thousands of years from the Stone Age to the Iron Age.

Autumn 1st half term - 2016

Cornerstones Imaginative Learning Project - Scrumdiddlyumptious!

This half term pupils in Year 3 will be tucking in and enjoying a yummy journey of discovery, tasting fantastic fruits, venerable vegetables and tantalising treats!

Pupils will work up an appetite with delicious stories about food, have fun with a vegetable orchestra and maybe become a fruity sculptor.

They will also read exciting recipes and write their own too!

Then they may also have the chance to get busy in the kitchen making tasty dishes from across the world also discovering how good food helps you grow fit and strong.

Pupils may also be a whizz and create their own scrumdiddlyumptious smoothie for Squeezy Joe and his team of fruity friends.

Useful websites to support learning in Year 3

Visit the BBC KS2 Bitesize History web page and learn about Prehistoric Britain by clicking the image above.


Visit the official Roald Dahl website clicking the image above to explore the scrumdiddlyumptious recipes contained in many of Roald Dahl's stories.

Click the image above to find out more about Farm to Fork the Tesco nationwide initiative dedicated to getting children interested in where their food comes from.

Click the image above to visit the I Can Cook website which has a whole range of food based fun and games as well as recipes for you to try.