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Help Your Child Learn Their Times Tables

Did you know that the National Curriculum for Mathematics expects all pupils by the end of Year 4 to know their multiplication tables up to and including the 12 times table?

This can appear challenging at first but by taking a step by step approach all children can be taught to have excellent recall of times tables.

Click here to read an excellent article about how parents can help their child not only learn times tables but have mastery of them. The article also has lots of ideas as to how to support children with learning and mastering times tables.

There are lots of good online games and apps for mobile devices that can help children learn and master times tables. 

Click here to access some suggestions for online multiplication games.

How To Support Your Child's Learning At Home

There are many ways that you can support your child’s learning at home such as hearing them read, helping them learn spellings and times tables, practising handwriting as well as completing any set class home learning. You might also like to encourage them to use our Word of the Week in a sentence or ask them questions about the Number of the Week.

There are also a range of online resources that you can use to help your child improve their learning.

The school subscribes to Education City and MyMaths. These are online resources that we use at school but that can also be accessed at home. If you require any help with accessing these sites including a reminder of your child’s username or password please contact the school office.

To visit these sites simply click on the images on this page.  You will also find on this page a range of other recommended sites to support learning at home. Again simply click on the image to access the site.


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