Millfield Primary School

Internet Safety

Staying Safe Online


The internet and mobile technologies are fantastic 21st century learning resources however they can also present unique dangers to children, which is why we as a school take educating our pupils about e-safety very seriously.

Pupils are educated about safe internet use throughout the school year and are regularly reminded about how to stay safe online.

Issues such as cyber bullying are dealt with as part of this, but also as part of our Anti Bullying Policy.

The school takes part every year in Safer Internet Day (which this year took place on Tuesday 6th  February 2024) where pupils are reminded about how to stay safe online during a set of school assemblies throughout the week.

They also complete classroom activities designed to help them learn about the importance of using the internet safely. 

In school we have a very powerful web filtering server (Diladele) which blocks inappropriate sites and searches.

We also have robust monitoring software (Senso) which informs staff when inappropriate language or internet searches has been used on any devices connected to our school network.

We regularly update parents / carers by news notifications through our web site about how to keep children safe online.

You can read our latest updates here:

Keeping Your Child Safe Online - 29th April 2024

The UK Safer Internet Centre has advice and resources  to support parents / carers to help support children to use the internet safely, responsibility and positively.

Working with online safety experts this site can help to guide parents / carers  guide you through the many issues children can experience when using the internet.

The Think U Know web site has lots of information for both parents and children regarding internet safety including a range of activities, cartoons and games all to educate children about staying safe online.

Click the image above to access a range of helpful information from Vodafone about how to keep you children safe online.

Visit the NSPCC website to find  helpful advice and tools you can use to help keep your child safe whenever and wherever they go online.

Click the image above to access the BBC - Own It  page. This is an excellent site for children to visit. Here they will find the tips and tricks needed to stay safe online, beat the cyber-bullies and become a super-surfer.