Millfield Primary School

Millfield Primary School - PE

Our vision for the teaching of PE at our school

At Millfield Primary School we believe that PE, sport and physical activity are an important part of leading a healthy lifestyle. We are passionate in promoting being active as it is a key element in our physical and mental wellbeing.  

Our curriculum offers a broad range of experiences which gives all children the opportunity to develop skills in teamwork, resilience and fair play, as well as their social, emotional and thinking skills. 

To help provide the best possible learning opportunities for our children, we use GetSet4PE to help plan exciting lessons that engage all children in PE. Furthermore, our PE curriculum is strengthened by our partnership with Premier Sports who offer high quality PE and coaching provision in all areas of the curriculum. Premier Sports has also helped to improve our school sport offering through weekly extra-curricular sports clubs.  



At Millfield, we encourage all children to participate in physical activity. We also value the importance of competition in sporting events. All children take part in Inter house competitions each half term, with the intention of raising participation levels in sport across the school. We also take part in a range of competitions in the local area where we compete against other schools in sports such as; cross country, Indoor Futsal, 5-7 a side football, Swimming Gala, netball, Area Sports Athletics, KS1 Mini Olympics and more.  


Golden Mile 

We believe that physical activity throughout the school day can play a vital role in improving focus, engagement and behaviour. We encourage all children to participate in the Golden Mile, an initiative that monitors and rewards the number of miles that each child runs or walks, regularly through the school week.  


Active play times 

Play times and lunchtimes provide a perfect opportunity for children to exercise to help improve their physical and mental health. At Millfield, we provide a range of activities at play time and lunchtime such as football, basketball and the Golden Mile to give our pupils the opportunity to be active. Through the use of key stage 2 play leaders, we also provide structured physical activities for key stage 1 pupils to participate in.  



At Millfield Primary School we understand the importance of swimming and water safety and ensure that all children experience swimming instruction to help them become confident swimmers. In Year 4, pupils participate in weekly swimming lessons at Kingsbury High School for a term, which will help our pupils learn to be proficient swimmers which is a vital life skill. 


Laches Wood Outdoor Education Centre

In year 6, our pupils go on a weeklong residential to Laches Wood, where they learn to develop their independence, social skills, teamwork skills and leadership skills. Laches Wood provides a range of outdoor education activities for our pupils and is always a highlight of their time at Millfield.  


Travelling to school 

We encourage all of our families to walk, bike or scoot to school where possible. Each year we also support the Walk to School Week campaign, and lots of our pupils enjoy leaving the car at home and walking or travelling to school in a healthy, environmentally friendly way. In addition, we also provide our year 6 pupils with Bikeability training to improve their confidence and road safety knowledge.  

For further information regarding PE at our school please contact our PE curriculum lead teacher - Mr Atkins.