Millfield Primary School

Millfield Primary School - Music

Our vision for the teaching of Music at our school

 At Millfield Primary School we give children a breadth of musical experiences and opportunities which are diverse and accessible to all.  Through this, they will foster a love of music and gain greater respect, teamwork, confidence, and creative skills. 

Singing is embedded in our music curriculum and is inclusive and engaging. Children are also given opportunities to play instruments from Year 1 - 6 with clear progression and opportunities to develop fluency and consolidate learning.  

In KS1 music is linked to the broader curriculum through songs and creative musical experiences whilst use of the Charanga scheme of work ensures clear progression and consolidation. Children find their voice, make expressive use of glockenspiel and unpitched percussion instruments. 

A qualified music specialist teaches music throughout KS2. In years 3 and 4 pupils make further use of the glockenspiel to learn about the major and pentatonic scales, play simple melodies, improvise, and compose.  From year 5 pupils build on this to develop an understanding of chords and harmony which is facilitated by learning to play the Ukulele.  

Through diverse listening opportunities children learn about different genres, instruments of the orchestra, famous composers, and the musical eras, as well as music from other cultures and black music history. We welcome live music visitors into school such as our recent African drumming workshop which Y6 took part in to enrich their MAAFA topic. Pupils in upper KS2 also make use of music tech to organise & manipulate sound as part of their composition work. 

Pupils in every year are given regular opportunities to perform to others, either in school, to parents, the wider community or virtually. In recent years pupils have performed at Lichfield Cathedral, our local church and at the Young Voices concert in Birmingham. Pupils have also taken part in Virtual Christmas Festival organised by MusicShare. 

Extra-curricular opportunities such as a lunchtime choir are available in KS2 and pupils have the opportunity to learn the keyboard or guitar through visiting peripatetic teachers.