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What Would You Like To Be In The Future?

15 January 2024 (by admin)

Come and speak to our children during our careers week and inspire them for the future.

One of the aims of our school improvement plan this years is hold a careers week for pupils to give them an understanding of the opportunities open to them in their futures so that they have high aspirations and know the importance of making the most of their education / potential in order to benefit themselves and wider society

We have already signed up for the Step Into The NHS careers day on Wednesday 13th March where we hope to have outside speakers in school to help young people discover NHS careers.

We are also planning a careers week for the week beginning Monday 20th May and would like to ask for volunteers amongst our parents to come and speak to pupils about their career choices.

We have signed up to the Inspiring the Future organisation to help us connect with people from the world of work to come and speak to pupils, but we know we have parents / carers out there who work in a range of interesting jobs who could come in and speak to pupils.

We are in the early stages of planning this week but would welcome any one willing to come and speak to pupils to let us know by emailing with details of their job and when they would be free during the week beginning Monday 20th May.

If we do have any parents / carers who work in the NHS and are free to join us on the 13th March please also email

Again we are hoping that we will be provided with a speaker in the morning for this day but the more NHS workers we can get in to speak to pupils the better.

Finally we know we have lots of ex Millfield pupils out there who have gone onto university and a wide range of careers, or learn a trade and start their own business.

It would really be helpful if we could find some ex Millfield pupils to come into school and talk about how their primary education at Millfield prepared them in some way for their secondary education and beyond.

Again email with your details if you are willing to come into school in the week beginning 20th May to talk to pupils and share your experiences.

We look forward to hearing from you!