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Be a HERO! - Here - Everyday - Ready - On time

12 March 2024 (by admin)

A reminder of the importance of pupils being in school everyday and on time.

Parents / carers may have seen reports in the news over the past week that the government continues to be concerned over the levels of pupil attendance at school.

Since the Covid19 pandemic the average attendance levels of pupils at school has fallen nationally -  this includes our school where our attendance level is well below what it was prior to the pandemic.

We want to work with parents / carers to improve attendance at our school.

We want all our pupils to be a HERO: Here - Everyday - Ready - On time

Attending school everyday where possible is essential for pupils to get the most out of their school experience, including their attainment, wellbeing, and wider life chances.

There are of course times when pupils are unwell and cannot be in school - all children get ill - these absences are unavoidable but some absences are avoidable and we want to reduce these.

We must remind parents / carers  again that holidays must not be taken in term time and that that due to government legislation the school cannot grant leave of absence for family holidays.

Taking holidays during the school term will be recorded as unauthorised absence and the school will refer all such cases onto the local authority (Staffordshire County Council) who may administer a penalty fine.

Any planned absence from school can only be granted in exceptional circumstances - for example if there has been bereavement or serious illness in the family and a leave of absence is needed.

Non urgent medical appointments such as dental checks or opticians appointments must be arranged outside the hours of the school day or in school holidays.

Good attendance at school is crucial because it helps pupils to achieve - pupils who are not attending are not learning and will therefore not achieve as much as they are capable of. 

Evidence shows that the pupils with the highest attainment at the end of Key Stage 2 (Year 6) have higher rates of attendance over the key stage compared to those with the lowest attainment.

At the end of Year 6, pupils not meeting the expected standard in reading, writing and maths had an overall absence rate of 4.7%, compared to 3.5% among those achieving the expected standard. (Department for Education - Working Together to Improve Attendance published May 2022).

Every day that a child misses at school can effect their education. 

Being on time for school everyday is also so important.

A reminder that the school gate opens to pupils at 8.40am.

Children in all classes can enter school from this time to begin their learning in the classroom.

The gate closes at 8.55am.

We have this 15-minute time period between 8.40am and 8.55am for children to arrive at school in order to try and avoid congestion around the school site

Pupils who arrive after 8.55am will need to enter school via the main entrance and may be issued with a late mark.

We must remind parents / carers that the local authority can fine parents if their children are persistently late for school.

Arriving at school on time is so important as it means that children do not miss the start of their first lesson and of course the earlier they arrive the earlier they can start learning.

We would be extremely grateful for parental support with this ensuring that children arrive at school by 8.55am so that the gate can be shut promptly and pupils can begin their learning.