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A Message from Staffordshire Police

8 April 2024 (by admin)

A message from Staffordshire Police regarding road safety outside of school.

As children return to school today we have been asked by Staffordshire Police to remind parents / carers of the need to respect road safety markings.

They have asked us to remind parents / carers of the restrictions on yellow zigzags, with drivers able to be issued with fines if they are ignored and the need to be aware of the need for safety outside schools.

Staffordshire Police state that:

“Pick-up and drop-off times outside of schools are busy – and this can cause an increased risk to both children and parents.

“Parking restrictions outside schools are there to keep you and your children safe. Parking inconsiderately can put people in danger and you also risk being fined.

“Yellow zigzags without accompanying signs advise motorists not to wait or park there at any time for the safety of children and others. We can – and do – issue tickets for parking on them for causing an obstruction to other motorists or pedestrians.

“You can legally park opposite yellow zigzags. However, this can make crossing the road more dangerous, especially for children. Some schools have them on both sides of the road for this reason.

“If you decide to park further away, please be considerate of local residents and avoid blocking driveways or access.