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Staffing Update

8 May 2024 (by admin)

An update on some staffing changes with two members of staff leaving us on Friday.

This Friday 10th May we have two staff leaving us to take on different roles. 

Mrs Taylor who has been a teaching assistant at our school since October 2014 leaves us to take on a different role working with children and young people. 

Mrs Taylor has been a fantastic member of staff who has worked hard to support pupils and their learning across the school in her years here. She has provided exceptional care and support for children as well as helping teaching staff prepare and deliver lessons.

Mrs Taylor will be missed by everyone at the school. We wish her all the best for the future.

Also leaving us this Friday (kind of) is Miss Hunter who has been a lunch time supervisor at our school.

Miss Hunter has been a great supervisor - particularly on the Key Stage 2 playground - developing great relationships with our older pupils.

Miss Hunter is not leaving the school completely however - she is joining our school catering AIP - and the children will see her everyday working behind the counter preparing and serving school meals. We wish her all the best for her future.