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Improving School Attendance - Be a HERO!

9 May 2024 (by admin)

Details of an attendance campaign to encourage children to be attendance heroes!

Our school is taking part in the Staffordshire County Council ‘Little Heroes’ attendance campaign.

Since the Covid19 pandemic the average attendance levels of pupils at school has fallen nationally -  this includes our school where our attendance level is well below what it was prior to the pandemic.

We want to work with parents / carers to improve attendance at our school.

The attendance campaign focuses on the ‘HERO’ theme to encourage children to be a school attendance HERO:

Here - Everyday - Ready - On time

Attending school everyday where possible is essential for pupils to get the most out of their school experience, including their attainment, wellbeing, and wider life chances.

The campaign recognises that for many families getting their children to attend school can be a real challenge, and many children face significant barriers. This has been taken this into consideration when planning the campaign.

The tone will be supportive and encouraging – with a strong focus on emotional health support. Our Key Stage 1 pupils will be using the Helpful Heroes resources as part of their Wellbeing Wednesday activities

Staffordshire County Council have also created a ‘Helpful Heroes parents’ guide’ to talk you through the different activities and mindfulness activities.

You can find out more information and find more helpful links on the following website: