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Health and Safety Information

6 June 2024 (by admin)

Important information about staying safe on our school site

Important Health and Safety Information

School Car Park

Please take care if you using our car park in the morning to drop off pupils at MaxiMums.

This car park is very busy at around 7.30am every morning and adults and children should take extra care.

If you are collecting pupils from MaxiMums after school, again please take care on the car park and supervise children carefully.

We would also urge all parents / carers to use the footpath and not cut across the car park and go through or under the barrier.

This entrance / exit is not meant for pedestrians.

We know that the footpath route is a bit more time consuming but we would urge safety first.

Park Up Scooters!

We are always pleased to see children riding scooters to school rather than using the car to travel to school, but can we please ask that children are careful on these and do not ride down the path to the gate to the playground.

Scooters should be left at the top of the path by the main gate. 

Main Gate onto Playground / Path into School

We would be very grateful if parents could remind their children that once they enter the school playground through the main gate they should not under any circumstances go back through the gate to try and talk to parents.

We would ask that parents leave the school site promptly once children have entered the playground rather than waiting to wave to them from the path. 

We know this is done with the best intentions, but is has caused issues where children have tried to go back through the gate because they know their parents have not left the site. It can also cause the path to get congested first thing in the morning. Thank you for your support with this.